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Sensory Evaluation

Today's "new consumers" are discerning, demanding and more knowledgeable about food.

Therefore, knowing consumers' preferences and perceptions of the sensory characteristics of food products is very important to food manufacturers and retailers alike.


Sensory evaluation is the description and evaluation of food product by human senses using analytical method in which the human senses serve as a measurement tool to determine the food product characteristics and attributes. Sensory evaluation research tools requires standardization of methods, regular training and performance measurement of testers, a statistical evaluation of test results; and a standardization of terms.


One main objective of sensory evaluation is the measurement of sensory attributes and the quantification of the influence of these attributes on consumers' acceptance. This aspect is becoming increasingly important because of the interrelationship between enjoyment values and repurchases behavior. Selection of a sensory testing method must always take into account the test objective.

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